Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Nancy at 17

This is Nancy at 17, just thought you'd like to see one of my favorite photos of mom.

Nancy grew up in a very small town in central Illinois. I'm pretty sure her extended family made up a large portion of the population. I have fond memories of visiting mom's hometown, most of mom's family were dairy farmers back then. I loved all of the farm cats and dogs and helping with chores. We didn't have time to sit around watching t.v. and there was no internet or gaming back then. Kids played outside when weather was good from dawn til dusk. When it was crummy out we would play board games or have a pretend beauty pagent. My brother was always the host and my sisters and I would take great pains in practicing for the talent portion. One of my favorite memories was when my sisters and I lip synced (and played pretend saxaphones) to Count Basie songs...let it roll Mr. Basie (one more time). If we said we were bored, the standard come back from my mother was "read a book", that's probably why I am an avid reader. Thanks mom~mpr

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  1. haha....our moms must have been talking to each other....when I said, "I'm bored", she said great, and gave me a list of chores to do. I wasn't bored very often. Nice to see you have a blog now, I am always looking for crafty ideas.

    1. Thanks Ajadi, yes I think I heard that from my mom too, too funny.