Sunday, March 4, 2012

Brownies and naughty dogs

Izzy and Abe

Helping mom put together a tutorial for a pillowcase dress. The fabric she picked out will be similar to a familiar female mouse icon. It will hopefully replace the worn out dress my 3yr old little cousin refuses to take off. While helping my mother take notes and pictures, I battled her naughty dogs and left brownies in the oven at home for my husband to take out. Well, he fell asleep and luckily didn't burn down the house, but the brownies are so bad that even grandpa Chuck wouldn't eat them. Oh well, all in a day of lessons learned! Hopefully you will learn a more crafty lesson from our upcoming tutorial. Until then, I am off to fend off the naughty spaniels and remake the brownies when I get home, cause darn it, I was looking forward to them. HA! Here is a link to the brownies that I will remaking so you see why they are worth redoing. Enjoy! eem

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  1. Well here is the link... For some reason I cannot include it from my iPad...