Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Are you ready for some football

It's football season, and around here that means one thing. PACKERS! I made this pattern a few years ago and thought I would share it with you here.

This is my original pattern, I see that there a quite a few variations on Ravelry now. I love that!

This is knit flat for the first few rows and then knit in the round, I use the magic loop
I used Cascade 220, but you can use any worsted weight yarn and get similar results.
You’ll need less than one hank of the main color and just a few yards of the contrasting
Size US 7 (4.50) circular needles.
Pattern instructions are for newborn, toddler and child changes are listed in parenthesis ()
Cast on 54 ( 60, 70) in brown if making hat A(see photo above) or in your alternate
color if constructing hat B (see photo below).
Rows 1-10 knit each row, as if on straight needles. This will give you a nice 1 inch brim
in garter stitch.
Row 11 join for working in the round. You’ll need to switch to your main color if
constructing hat B. If you choose to use dpns you’ll need to place a marker to indicate
the beginning of a row.
Continue knitting for another 2 inches (3 inches total)
Decrease pattern
SSK, K to end of needle (26 (29, 34)remain on first needle)
K2 tog, K to end of needle (26 (29, 34) remain on second needle)
Knit next Row
Continue with decrease every other row until you have 21 stitches on each needle (having
just completed a decrease row.
Join contrasting color
Knit one row
Decrease one row (20 stitches on each needle)
Knit one row
Return to main color
Knit 8, K2 tog, to end
Knit 7, K2 tog, to end
Knit 6, K2 tog, to end
Knit 5, K2 tog, to end
Knit 4, K2 tog, to end
Knit 3, K2 tog, to end
Knit 2, K2 tog, to end
Knit 1, K2 tog, to end
K2 tog to end (4 stitches remain)
Cut yarn and run through remaining stitches to tie off.
Weave in ends on wrong side of hat.
Using Contrasting Color, embroider the laces as shown in the photos.

You can check out this design on Ravelry and download a PDF file for free. Just type in Are you ready for some football in Ravelry's search engine.

Happy knitting!

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