Tuesday, January 7, 2014

This is the break that never ends...

Who knew when school ended for Winter Break on December 20, 2013 that it would go from a 16 day hiatus to 18 days?!  Two bitterly cold Wisconsin winter days extended our break two days to protect us all from crazy wind chills in the negative 20's and 30's.  The last two days have allowed me to bake to keep the house warm, bundle under blankets to keep me warm, and craft the days away!  My mom, aunt Martha and I are each knitting a "sky scarf" this year, adding a row of color to a scarf based on the day's sky at noon.  I found the idea on pinterest on New Year's eve.  To keep us dedicated to our task we're going to exchange them at the end of the year between the three of us.  So far mine consists of mostly white, and it looks like that will continue today based on the sky now.  However, I got a touch of blue yesterday.

Mom also has been crafty, making dog fleece's for our pups.  Oh that's right, I haven't mentioned her before!  The McClure family adopted a pup in November.  Her name is Twinkie, she is a yellow lab/Shepard mix.  Here she is in her fleece.

And here is Bailey in her's, now she is a reverse Dalmatian and she loves her fleece so much!

 Mom's crazy Springer Spaniels are warm enough in their natural winter coats so they don't need a fleece, but here they are being crazy cute anyway!

Abe likes to try and eat cameras!

Izzy is super fluffy!

Stay warm!