Monday, March 12, 2012

Snappy St. Patty's Day Shirts

My son, "D", loves to sport a new St. Patty's day shirt each year, sometimes he even gets away with wearing them year round as he has begun to style himself.  I am always disappointed with the lack of St. Patty's day shirts at a particular "red donut" store in the boys section.  They have TONS in womens', girls' and mens' but almost nothing for the boys.  Last year I was lucky enough to find an appropriate one in the mens' section, not this year, all dealing with some sort of BOOZE.  So I was bummed that my little guy wouldn't be sporting something funky and green.  Until I came across two ties in the dollar section.  One, I was going to try and make into a funky tie necklace for myself, epic fail, and the other I tried to convince my husband into thinking "D" would wear it as an actual tie.  Instead I decided to turn the two ties into a snap on tie and here is the finished result.

I made them by tying the tie around my neck, I had to watch a youtube video to figure it, then I had my mom carefully cut the tie off of me, as to keep the knot together.

I secured the knot with some fabric glue and let it dry over night.  The next day, I pinned the ties in place onto matching polo shirts.

Once pinned in place, I lined up two pins, one on the tie and one on the polo as markers of wear to sew my snaps.

 Remove the pins that held the pin onto the shirt, leaving my marker pins in place.  Next , sew the snaps onto the ties and the shirts.

Here are the snaps sewn onto the the more "Kelly green" shirt.

You can see that the two halves of the tie, don't quite meet up with one another and that's okay.  Everything is hidden by the collar of the polo shirt.

Originally my mom and I brainstormed about making the ties a permanent fixture on the shirts, but this way, he can wear the shirts with or without the ties year round.


ps: oy!  mom!  I changed the font cause it was hard to read...

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