Tuesday, May 22, 2012

World MS Awareness Day, May 30

Next Wednesday, is World MS Day. It's the only global awareness fund raising campaign for Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Em and I are going to bring awareness (again) to our workplaces. I'm always amazed at the number of people that I work with that don't have a clue what MS is. I guess I just think that everyone knows someone who has MS because my mom had MS, two of my neighbors have MS, my best friend's sister has MS, my cousin has MS, one of my co-worker's wives has MS and so many more connections. Maybe these folks have "heard" of MS, but since the contact isn't as up front and personal as mine they haven't dug in to learn more. I guess that makes sense, I know of other dibilitating diseases but don't really get "involved" in all of them. But, Multiple Sclerosis has been an important part of my life. MS you are not my friend, but you have helped make me a more compasionate person. I do not like you MS, but you have helped me with my struggle with patience. I want you to go away MS, really really far away and never come back again MS, but you have introduced me to some of the most wonderful people I've ever met. Now take the hint MS, beat it, buzz off, get lost, leave me and my friends and my family alone!

I'm taking my old MS Walk and Bike shirts and repurposing them. I made a messenger type bag with my long sleeved MS Challenge Walk shirt.

I just cut off the bottom, chopped off the sleaves and sewed it into a bag shape, opened up the neckline and then cut the sleeves lengthwise to make the snazzy shoulder strap.



  1. Neat bag!

    I wonder if you could also leave the top part of a sleeve attached and sew it in as a pocket. That'd be pretty cool.