Monday, May 7, 2012


It did rain yesterday, buckets and buckets of rain, but thankfully we were all home safe and sound by the time the skies opened up. Another MS Walk sucessfully completed. They did shut down the walk early though, only walked 3.5 miles instead of 7, but I'm not complaining. In fact, it was nice to get out and meet new faces, get a little exercise, pet a few hundred dogs (I love that they allow dogs on this walk) and still have time to listen to the Brewers game while I sewed my little heart out.

I decided that I had to deal with my scrap drawer. Is there enough material in this scrap to make something or not. I am not going to hang on to bits and pieces in the hopes that I will sew them all together and make something out of them, cause that just aint gonna happen. I made 3 diaper covers yesterday, adding to my collection that I hope to have on Etsy in a short while. Thus far I have 5 dresses, 8 diaper covers, 1 baseball type hat (prototype) and 4 dippy hats

All proceeds from the soon to be created Etsy shop will also support National MS Society. In the meantime, you can click on the link to go right to my participation center and donate, not begging, just saying.

That's me flashing the "rock on" sign from the back row.

I need a real photographer to help me out, or at least a better's some shots of some of the dresses with coordinating diaper covers.

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