Friday, February 24, 2012


A little more about us.  Shortly after I found the sock monkey pattern, I headed out to visit my parents.  Mom was in the hospital, another battle with MS, or so I thought.  When I arrived, I found out that mom was not doing well.  I was able to show her my monkey hat and tell her that her Christmas gift had really gotten my creative juices going.  Mom, always cheerful, was happy that I brought the monkey hat to show her.  I made several hats in the days to follow, sitting with my family as our mother left her earthly body.  Later that spring, when my daughters and I prepared to walk in the annual Walk MS, we decided on our team name.  What would Nancy do?  WWND?  That phrase has been sung out over and over (many times silently).  The words that come to mind when I think of mom (Nancy) are: faith, family, kindness, charity, compassion, humble and loving.  Mom wasn't a complainer, something I need to work on.  I started knitting for charity soon after mom passed away.  My daughters and sisters have joined me.  We have branched out into sewing as my poor old lady wrists (there I go complaining) have a hard time with knitting. 

We hope to share our patterns and inspirations with you.  That's me and my mom when I was about 15, mom was so beautiful.

More later,

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