Tuesday, February 28, 2012

If Billy can knit... I want to learn.

My journey to learn how to knit started in college with a friend named Billy. He worked at the front desk of my res. hall and we were both active in our hall government. I think at some point my hall had a knitting night that I couldn't attend, but Billy learned how. He was somewhat clumsy and uncoordinated, so I figured if Billy can knit, I HAVE to learn how. I had many friends who crocheted and I dabbled in that craft, but something about knitting seemed so refined. I told my mom she had to reteach herself so she could teach me. And shortly after, I was hooked. I made my first scarf in basic garter stitch in camouflague yarn. It is skinny on one side and fat on the other! Not intentionally of course. I worked through guaging and made several more scarves for friends. I ventured into baby blankets and added purling and yarn overs to my repertoire. But I stuck with scarves and other straight knitting. Eventually I moved onto knitting in the round with dpns, but the magic loop changed my life of knitting. That brought me into the real world of hats, and mittens (hopefully soon into the land of socks). So it took the competitive nature in me to be "better at crafting than a boy" to become the knitting snob that I am today. Ha! eem

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