Sunday, July 8, 2012

Scrap busting

I started making headbands a few months ago with my scraps, I was in serious need of dejunking my fabric bins. I found a really great tutorial here I happily sewed up a bunch of these and gave them to my kids and their friends. I found that this particular pattern works great for those of us (not me) that have an abundance of thick hair, but not so great for those of us (me) that have fine hair and/or babies. The search was on for an alternative fabric headband. I didn't find one...

Plan B
Take the existing pattern and make it narrower, instead of a 1/4 inch seam, I sewed in on the 5/8 inch seam allowance. Success for the adults, but again, the headband didn't really work for the kiddos and babies.

Plan C
Make little bows and attach them to pony tail holders.

Here's what you need:
Scrap material 3x4 inches
Pony tail holders
Double folded bias tape in coordinating color or you can make your own (I did on a few of these)
Fabric glue
The usual sewing stuff (scissors, machine, thread etc.

Here's what I did.

Cut scraps into 3"x4" rectangles, my rotary blade is my best friend.

Sew two pieces together (1/4 inch seam) right sides together, leaving about 1 inch opening to turn the fabric.


Turn right sides out

Push out those pesky corners

Hand sew or glue (yes, I said glue) the seam shut. Fabric glue works just fine for small seams that are not holding major body parts together. a few dots in and smoosh it together.

Scrunch it up in the middle and stich together or pull out that fabric glue.
You're going to need the glue no matter what you've done before for this next step.

Put a generous dollop of glue in the middle of the scrunched up part. Hold the pony tail holder in there until it starts to set up.

Wrap a the bias tape around to cover and glue it down to cover.

That's it!

But wait...those bows are too big for itty bitty babies.

Instead of sewing two of the 3x4 rectangles together, I folded on in half, right sides together and sewed around leaving a one (1) inch opening to turn the fabric. Follow the rest from above.

Wait wait wait...your itty bitty baby doesn't have enough hair to put in a pony tail holder?

Glue down a baby barette to the back of the bow instead of a ponytail holder. I found plain baby barettes at one of the large chain department stores. The itty bitty bows also work out great added to a bobby pin for the older kiddos.

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